Mine trip!

Last weekend, I went on a mine tour. I never knew you were allowed to go in a mine before so I was excited to see what it was all about. Two of my friends had been there before when they were in elementary school. They wanted to relive their childhood memories. Fortunately for me, they invited me to come with.

(Insert evil laugh)

Although it had been raining all week in the bay area, we were lucky the sun was on our side until the time we left. It was a very gorgeous day for a mini hike.

hike pathway

hike pathway

The Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve is located in Antioch. It took about 30-40 minutes to get there. We went inside the Hazel-Atlas Mine. Before we went inside, they gave us a free t-shirt because they were having an open house. Right when we walked inside, the staff gave each of us a hard helmet and a flash light. We were instructed to wear the helmet at all times in case anything falls. Also, the flash light was to be used if the lights were to shut off.It was very difficult to take pictures inside the mine because of the lighting but out of all of the shots I took, these were the best:

The start of the tour

The start of the tour


The end of the mine tour

The end of the mine tour

It was a short tour but there were volunteers standing all over providing some background information. They were nice and answered any of our questions. There were many areas that were blocked off to the public but they said that we could go in further if we came back on a school trip for researching purposes.

Too bad we couldn't go further down

Too bad we couldn’t go further down

After the mines, we went to see the nearby cemetery. It is a really old cemetery. Many people’s gravestone dated in the early 1900s. Also, most of the gravestones were cracked but the small graveyard is still well-kept considering.

The gate

The gate

View from the back

This was definitely a good trip. I would recommend you to see it because you get to go in a mine, embark on a mini hike, see a century old cemetery, and experience lasting memories. 🙂


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